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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
HAMILTON INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDHAMILTON INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDHong Kong1992Mainly engaged in trade consulting services. In addition, he also provides international business management support and consulting services.
INGENUITY LIMITEDINGENUITY LIMITEDHong Kong< 1M1987A company that provides financial services such as commercial bill discounts and consumer finance loans. It also handles credit guarantee services for mortgages and business loans of each company. In addition, he also manages group companies.
BUILDING DESIGN STUDIO LIMITEDBUILDING DESIGN STUDIO LIMITEDHong Kong2003From design to construction supervision of buildings, condominiums, stores, etc. In addition, he is engaged in real estate management.
CHINA ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITEDCHINA ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITEDHong Kong1922The company manufactures and wholesales electrical machinery and equipment.
MAINSTREAM COMPANY LIMITEDMAINSTREAM COMPANY LIMITEDHong Kong2004In addition to undertaking the operation of a school that teaches cram schools, he also handles wholesale of school supplies such as yarn and books.
GO TO SO LIMITEDGO TO SO LIMITEDHong Kong< 1M2010The company operates pachinko and slot stores and provides driving agency services, as well as a dispatch business. In addition, he also handles sightseeing boats and boarding buses. It also manages call centers and guides in pachinko shops.
CARNIVAL LIMITEDCARNIVAL LIMITEDHong Kong1986We are involved in the planning and management of international automobile-related events, sporting events, and exhibitions.
FULLITON LIMITEDFULLITON LIMITEDHong Kong< 1M1996We process and sell konjac using konjac raw materials. They also handle kombu (kelp) such as shirataki, sweets, and ice cream.
SKILL APPLICATIONS LIMITEDSKILL APPLICATIONS LIMITEDHong Kong2009We provide recruitment services for technical and business management, as well as introduction and dispatch of engineers such as system engineers and programmers. We also provide after-sales services such as project management, progress management, and quality control. In addition, he also manages job hunting support sites and plans and develops apps.
M & P LIMITEDM & P LIMITEDHong Kong1993Conduct management consulting, such as the planning of M&A strategies and business plans. It is also characterized by the fact that it works on administrative agency and dispatch of experts such as lawyers and certified public accountants. In addition, he manages group companies and conducts research and analysis of financial contents.
REAL PERFORMANCE MOTORS SPORTS LIMITEDREAL PERFORMANCE MOTORS SPORTS LIMITEDHong Kong2016Manufactures and sells bicycle wear such as road bikes. In addition, he also manages online shops.
INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LIMITEDINTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LIMITEDHong Kong1966Manufactures and sells electronic devices. We also export electrical machinery and equipment.
ADAM INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITEDADAM INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITEDHong Kong2013Mainly engaged in trade management and human resource development. It also manages the business of group companies.
WORLD SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDWORLD SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDHong Kong1992A company that manufactures and sells clothing, miscellaneous goods, and furniture. In addition to the planning and production of sales promotion and events, we also trade in the import and export business of overseas products, and the management of entertainment talent.
SENGENT LIMITEDSENGENT LIMITEDHong Kong1992In addition to the manufacture and sale of chemical products such as neutral detergents, we also conduct contract analysis of specific chemicals. We also handle coatings for automotive interiors, resin molded products, and aluminum building materials, as well as research and development of liquid detergents.
WE (INTERNATIONAL) CO. LIMITEDWE (INTERNATIONAL) CO. LIMITEDHong Kong2010Mainly engaged in trade consulting services. In addition, he also provides international business management support and consulting services.
HOME CARE LIMITEDHOME CARE LIMITEDHong Kong< 1M1991We are engaged in nursing care businesses such as visiting nursing care and in-home care support. Visiting caregivers visit their homes to provide physical care such as meals and bathing, and livelihood assistance such as shopping and cooking. In addition, we will also work on preventive care services.
FRANCIS & COMPANY, LIMITEDFRANCIS & COMPANY, LIMITEDHong Kong1968Mainly engaged in trade such as information services and product sales. It also manages the school and cram school, and trains specialists in education.
OUTDOOR SPORTS EQUIPMENT COMPANY, LIMITEDOUTDOOR SPORTS EQUIPMENT COMPANY, LIMITEDHong Kong1934Manufactures and sells sports equipment such as skis and baseball equipment. In addition to selling to individuals, we also support custom orders for sporting goods. In addition to developing an online shop, it also handles products imported from overseas.
CAPITAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDCAPITAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDHong Kong1997Engines consulting on business management and environment. In addition, he conducts group companies such as education and training projects related to medical and real estate management, and environmental consulting.