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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
THE CATALYST CORP.THE CATALYST CORP.Philippines1M - 5M> 700A company that develops, manufactures, and sells hydrogenated catalysts. We also handle hydrogenated catalysts, such as “HV2, AP”, and “SOR-55", which are environmentally friendly and mildew-resistant. In addition, he also handles testing and evaluation of hydrogenated catalysts.
MLSUN CONSTRUCTION CORP.MLSUN CONSTRUCTION CORP.PhilippinesIndustrial Building ConstructionWe design and manage the construction of civil engineering works such as roads, railways, and tunnels. We also undertake public works such as government offices.
NEW GLOBAL TRADE MERCHANDISING & INDUSTRIES INCNEW GLOBAL TRADE MERCHANDISING & INDUSTRIES INCPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700A company that exports and sells transportation equipment, production equipment, and mechanical parts to overseas. We also provide consulting services such as market research and overseas expansion support. In addition, it also exports used cars and provides rental car services.
CONCEPT STORE INC.CONCEPT STORE INC.PhilippinesJewelry Stores1M - 5M> 700We are engaged in the development, planning and design of restaurants, apparel shops, cafes, and other stores. He also plans and produces websites and events. In addition, we also provide consulting on store concept making, sales promotion, and product planning.
KAUFMAN, INC.KAUFMAN, INC.PhilippinesPoultry Processing> 100M> 700Import, process, wholesale, and sell marble and granite. He also handles the processing and sale of building stone. KAUFMAN INCORPORATED is Philippines’ leading natural stone supplier specializing in limestone, slate, travertine, onyx, and agglomerated marble. Our Vision Since our inception in 1997, Our company has been pushing the envelope in expanding its spectrum of products and services to become the foremost one-stop-shop for stone supply and installation. Specialization Applications include: counter tops, facade, living room floors, shower floors, driveway cobble stone, patios, lanai, stone pools and pool decks. Residential Clients
VASTLY STOREVASTLY STOREPhilippinesJewelry Stores> 100M> 700We are involved in the planning, design and construction of restaurants, clothing stores, and general stores. He also operates a franchise for clothing stores.
FERBAL COMPANYFERBAL COMPANYPhilippinesNitrogenous Fertilizer Manufacturing> 100M> 700Do the transportation business of general cargo. In addition, we are engaged in the manufacture and sale of fertilizers.
DIRECT LINK INSURANCE AGENCY, INC.DIRECT LINK INSURANCE AGENCY, INC.PhilippinesSales Financing1M - 5M> 700He conducts sales of new and used cars, as well as maintenance services such as vehicle inspection and sheet metal painting. It also deals with auto insurance, fire insurance, and accident insurance. Direct Link Car Insurance
SUPREME BROADCASTING, INCSUPREME BROADCASTING, INCPhilippinesTelevision Broadcasting> 100M> 700It is a corporate contract agency for wired broadcasting. It also provides information services using satellite broadcasting. In addition, he also engaged in wired radio broadcasting business.
WEEKLY DETAILS PUBLICATIONWEEKLY DETAILS PUBLICATIONPhilippinesNewspaper Publishers> 100M> 700He was involved in the publication of paper pulp and printing related industry paper “Paper Newspaper”. In addition to publishing newspapers mainly related to agricultural and fisheries, it also deals with publications published by local governments.
VISIONS OF HOPE FOUNDATION INCVISIONS OF HOPE FOUNDATION INCPhilippinesPortfolio Management> 100M> 700A company that conducts communication courses and seminars for companies. The contents of the course include business etiquette training, communication skills training, and book sales. They also conduct telephone calls and e-mail courses. Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly … Continue reading “.<br>There are more lives waiting to be transformed!<br>Watch the video below to see how … Continue reading “Visions of Hope Christian School – Culture-Based Education.
IMPERIAL FEDERATIONIMPERIAL FEDERATIONPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700Mainly engaged in the sewing industry. It also manages the exhibition “NEXS SERIES” to sell miscellaneous goods. In addition, we also undertake non-life insurance agency business and mail order sales.
ALL-OUT SECURITY AGENCYALL-OUT SECURITY AGENCYPhilippinesNational Security1M - 5M> 700A company that performs a wide range of corporate security services, such as security of facilities and various security services. It is also possible to undertake home security services for individuals. In addition, the company also sells security devices such as security cameras.
FITNESS INTELLIGENCE TRENDS, INC.FITNESS INTELLIGENCE TRENDS, INC.PhilippinesAnalytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing> 100M> 700Provide information on market trends, consumer trends, and new product development as a distribution service. In addition, we also provide corporate training services such as human resource development and management of educational training. Fitness Intelligence Trends, Inc
SWISS FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS CORP.SWISS FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS CORP.PhilippinesSecurities Brokerage< 1M> 700Engaged in consulting on equity procurement, securitization, and financing. In addition to providing securities information to investors, it also provides membership-based stocks, foreign exchange margin trading services, and investment education. About SFIC Hermes Singson 2015-03-16T21:20:03+00:00 Swiss Finance and Investment Corporation (SFIC) is becoming a significant player in the Philippine finance industry. It has developed a market niche by catering to the financial needs of growing small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) that are often neglected by the banking industry. The core of SFIC’s success is the combination of experience of local industry specialists with management expertise of European directors. Building on focused market strategy, SFIC shows solid double-digit growth with unique potentials for the coming years. Copyright © 2015 by "Swiss Finance & Investment Corporation" All Rights reserved
SUNRISE COMMERCIALSUNRISE COMMERCIALPhilippinesTelevision Broadcasting> 100M> 700It is a company that provides delivery services for convenience stores and drugstores. In addition, we also handle web-related businesses such as web production and management agency, advertising agency business, commercial food and detergent wholesale, and franchise business.
NICE HOTELNICE HOTELPhilippinesComputer Storage Device Manufacturing< 1M> 700A company that uses the leased server business of the original domain to provide hosting services. We are also engaged in provider services that select providers, operate, manage, and maintain servers, and develop applications. Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Web Server at chillhotelph.com
BRIGHT STAR BROADCASTING NETWORK CORP.BRIGHT STAR BROADCASTING NETWORK CORP.PhilippinesTelevision Broadcasting> 100M> 700It is a corporate contract agency for wired television broadcasting. We also develop wired radio broadcasting business and provide video distribution services to homes, facilities, schools, hospitals, etc. In addition to dealing with a variety of contents such as community channel broadcasts and weather information programs, the company also sells cable TV services.
COMPANY 12 FIRE RESCUE VOLUNTEER, INC.COMPANY 12 FIRE RESCUE VOLUNTEER, INC.PhilippinesFire Protection> 100M> 700Conduct construction and inspection of fire fighting equipment for buildings and condominiums. He also sells fire extinguishers for general households.
A-PORT CORPORATIONA-PORT CORPORATIONPhilippinesInland Water Freight Transportation> 100M> 700We are engaged in the port transportation business, and carry out ship agency, sea freight handling, and terminal management. We also handle bonded warehouses, and undertake storage and inspection of cargo. In addition, he also performs ship agency work and casualty insurance agency work.