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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
WEB LINK CO., LTD.WEB LINK CO., LTD.South KoreaTranslation and Interpretation Services< 1MOperates the membership-based web service “MITS”. He also provides information on the Internet, e-mail magazines, and the production of web contents. In addition, translations of foreign languages are also performed.
KOREA OFFICE APPLIANCEKOREA OFFICE APPLIANCESouth KoreaHousehold Appliance Stores< 1MWe are engaged in the wholesale of IT-related equipment and software. It also handles office equipment, home appliances, and communication equipment. In addition, it also supports wholesale of photocopiers and computer peripherals.
DIGITAL CHAMPDIGITAL CHAMPSouth Korea< 1MProduce, sell, import and export video works such as DVDs, music software, and videos. He also provides information services using the Internet and video distribution services. In addition, he also plans and produces advertisements using paper media such as newspapers and magazines.
KOREA MOLDING CO., LTD.KOREA MOLDING CO., LTD.South KoreaIndustrial Mold Manufacturing< 1MWe manufacture wooden molds for casting, resin molds, and plaster molds for the automotive industry.
CULTURE SPACECULTURE SPACESouth Korea< 1MHe is involved in the planning and management of exhibitions, events, and cultural classes. In exhibitions, we support space design, construction, and supervision.
SALE MOTORCYCLESALE MOTORCYCLESouth Korea< 1MThe company sells new and used cars for motorcycles and bicycles. We also undertake repairs and maintenance of motorcycles and bicycles. In addition, the company also sells motorcycle parts and supplies.
ART SPACEART SPACESouth KoreaMuseums< 1MHe designs and constructs cultural facilities such as museums and art galleries, and plans and manages exhibitions.
HM INTERNATIONALHM INTERNATIONALSouth KoreaTranslation and Interpretation Services< 1MHe is engaged in overseas trade operations such as preparing customs clearance documents for import and export, arranging interpreters, and supporting the establishment of overseas subsidiaries. In addition, we also respond to consultation on overseas construction and business matching.
CENTURYCENTURYSouth Korea< 1MWe are engaged in civil engineering work and pavement work such as heavy machinery construction and bridge construction. In addition, it corresponds to paving work, earthwork, landscaping work, etc. In addition to buying and selling land and buildings, we also work on the sale of condominiums.
VISION DEVELOPMENTVISION DEVELOPMENTSouth Korea< 1MIn addition to providing 3D-CAD prototypes for industrial machinery and medical equipment, we also provide training and information processing services for the development of engineers. In addition, we also support the introduction of systems and software and the development of our own products.
F & T CO.,LTD.F & T CO.,LTD.South KoreaIt is a company that manufactures and sells textile products such as sewing threads and raw materials for women's clothing, and also manufactures ships. In addition to manufacturing and wholesale yarns, he also manages the business of group companies.
GLOBAL MOTORS CO., LTDGLOBAL MOTORS CO., LTDSouth Korea10M - 100MFrom design to production of special motors. He also works on the maintenance of motors manufactured by other companies. In addition, we manufacture and sell a wide range of motors from household to industrial use.
UNION ENGINEERING CO., LTD.UNION ENGINEERING CO., LTD.South Korea< 1MIt is a company that manufactures and sells twine and knitting yarns. We have a track record of manufacturing honeycomb yarns, chemical fibers, and stainless steel products for twine manufacturers.
STAR FAMILY CO., LTD.STAR FAMILY CO., LTD.South KoreaPolitical Organizations< 1MHe manufactures and sells yarns used in carpets. In addition, we also provide information on carpets using the web.
CLEAN HOUSE CO.,LTD.CLEAN HOUSE CO.,LTD.South KoreaCarpet and Upholstery Cleaning ServicesA company that performs cleaning of houses and buildings. We undertake cleaning of water areas such as kitchens and toilets, and cleaning floors, glass, and air conditioners. In addition, he also does house cleaning when moving.
STORY BOOKSTORY BOOKSouth Korea< 1MHe works on the production and sale of books such as academic books, research books, and texts. We also support mail order using the website.
WON FOOD CORPORATION CO., LTD.WON FOOD CORPORATION CO., LTD.South KoreaPoultry Processing< 1MManufacture and sale of processed foods for business use to restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, etc. The company also engages in the wholesale of general and commercial food products. In addition, we also undertake cooking and delivery of school lunches.
A WON CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.A WON CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.South KoreaConstruction Machinery Manufacturing< 1MWe are engaged in the steel industry and steel structure construction business. In particular, we undertake the manufacture of steel formwork for concrete products such as tunnels and bridges, and the manufacture of rebar shear reinforcement. In addition to civil engineering, construction materials and industrial yarns are also produced.
MUSIC & PLUSMUSIC & PLUSSouth KoreaMusic PublishersOperates music classes such as guitars, drums, and bass. He also works on music production, CD production, and concert planning and production. In addition, we also undertake the rental of music studios.
ELEGANCE SPORTSELEGANCE SPORTSSouth KoreaSports Teams and Clubs< 1MA company that operates a heated yoga school and teaches various forms of exercise such as body makeup and training. He also engages in the dispatch of instructors, planning and managing events such as workshops, sporting events, and seminars for young children. In addition, we sell, import and export of sports equipment and operate restaurants.