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Name Country City Industry Revenue (USD) Headcount Founded year Description
PROSPECT PRIMARY SCHOOLPROSPECT PRIMARY SCHOOL Australia 5M - 10M Operates a school for elementary and junior high school students and high school students. It also operates childcare facilities.
The Little Company Pty LtdThe Little Company Pty Ltd Australia He deals with trade in industrial products and food, as well as dispatching technicians. In addition, we also undertake web sales of books and so on.
VICTORIAN ENERGY PTY LIMITEDVICTORIAN ENERGY PTY LIMITED Australia >100M We supply electricity by solar power generation and biomass power generation. The company also supplies and sells fuel for boilers and turbines using waste oil as a raw material.
GPS INVESTMENT FUND LIMITEDGPS INVESTMENT FUND LIMITED Australia 1M - 5M We invest in real estate, including unlisted companies, and provide investment advice. We also undertake securitization such as securing securitization funds and reducing management costs. In addition, it handles the sale and brokerage of trust beneficiary interests for a certain period of time.
A & A FUTURE INVEST PTY LIMITEDA & A FUTURE INVEST PTY LIMITED Australia Engaged in investment management and advisory services such as M&A and corporate revitalization. It also deals with real estate investment funds for medical facilities and startups. In addition, he also handles the real estate business and invests in growth opportunities such as solar power generation.
2015 HOLDINGS PTY LTD2015 HOLDINGS PTY LTD Australia Mainly engaged in the management of group companies such as medical, nursing care, and education. In addition, we undertake consulting services such as business management and property management of group companies. In addition, he manages schools and develops human resources.
I-LINK RESEARCH SOLUTIONS PTY LTDI-LINK RESEARCH SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Australia 1M - 5M It is a company that develops and sells software for optical system design analysis, data processing, and verification. In software development, we work from requirement definition to design, manufacturing, and implementation support. We also undertake contract development of software.
8EIGHT REAL ESTATE PTY. LTD.8EIGHT REAL ESTATE PTY. LTD. Australia Conducts real estate rental and real estate brokerage. It also conducts real estate management and real estate appraisal. It is characterized by the fact that the group companies are also developing business as a holding company.
EFFECTIVE PROJECT SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD.EFFECTIVE PROJECT SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD. Australia We are engaged in contracted development of systems and package software. We also provide consulting on system introduction and business management.
Optimal LifeOptimal Life Australia We operate a manipulative clinic and provide visiting massage services to homes and facilities for people with disabilities. In addition, as a counseling service, we provide guidance on lifestyle and eating habits, and are also engaged in counseling for people with disabilities. Founded by Alistair Horscroft and Josefine Karlsson the Optimal Life Co has a simple mission – to re-define normal. Living with anxiety, depression, ill health, weight issues, chronic pain, worry, stressful relationships, drugged up kids and un-realised dreams is a normal that way too many people are putting up with. As a lifestyle… the current normal, sucks. We provide as much free info as we can to help as many people as we can re-define their normal to one that is healthy, meaningful, bright, full of laughter, connection and realised dreams. If you happen to be close to where we are then clinic and lab sessions might be how you want to engage. Workshops and retreats are now running world wide so 2 day and 5 day optimal life co experiences are yours to be had… Keep up to date with Instagram and our blog . We look forward to connecting with you. Alistair and Josefine
BMI TRUSTBMI TRUST Australia Conduct the operation of fortune-telling facilities based on the designated number of people and their families. He also handles the dispatch of fortune tellers to events such as child counseling, parent-child counseling, and lectures. Welcome to BMI Trust ! The Ballerina Management Institute Trust (BMIT) Pune, was started in 1997 by Mrs.Ratna Joshi to find solutions to the issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on children and education. We work in and around Pune, India, especially in rural and tribal areas. BMIT was registered as a trust in August, 2006. Child education, women empowerment and health awareness are some of our recent projects. We have ​introduced our programs in and around Pune, India, especially in the rural and tribal areas
SOLDIER ONSOLDIER ON Australia Operates the welfare service office “Employment Support Assist”, which provides support for people with disabilities to work, etc. We conduct training for employment and production activities, and support workplace adaptation. Home Search Changing The End Of The Story Soldier On is a private nonprofit organization committed to ending veteran homelessness. Since 1994, the organization has been providing homeless veterans with transitional housing and supportive services. In 2010, Soldier On opened the first Gordon H. Mansfield Veterans Community, a permanent housing cooperative that provides formerly homeless veterans with safe, sustainable, affordable housing – transitioning them from homelessness to homeownership. This housing model will be replicated nationally as Soldier On continues to change the end of the story for homeless veterans throughout the country. About Soldier On
AUSTRALIAN UNDERWRITING HOLDINGS LIMITEDAUSTRALIAN UNDERWRITING HOLDINGS LIMITED Australia >100M Management of investment business and business succession by group companies. He also undertakes operations such as management of subsidiary companies and property management of rights holders. In addition, he also handles real estate management and consulting.
TAKE 2 PIZZA COMPANY PTY LTDTAKE 2 PIZZA COMPANY PTY LTD Australia The company sells pizzas and provides home delivery services, and also manufactures and sells gelato. It is characterized by the fact that it operates a store with a pizza kitchen, and provides pizzas made with seasonal ingredients.
SAI SAI PTY LTDSAI SAI PTY LTD Australia He is engaged in maritime transportation and ship rental business. In addition, he also provides information services using the Internet and operates funeral services.
COMPLETE ATM SERVICES PTY LTDCOMPLETE ATM SERVICES PTY LTD Australia 1M - 5M Its main business is to operate taxis and hires. In addition, he also provides data communication services and home delivery services.
ST PATRICKS PRIMARY SCHOOLST PATRICKS PRIMARY SCHOOL Australia 5M - 10M Operates a cram school for elementary and high school students, and a nursery school for elementary and high school students. It is characterized by providing learning guidance in a small group system and a curriculum tailored to each individual. In addition, the company also operates an online store for schoolchildren. St Patrick's Primary School
NATIONWIDE NEWS PTY. LIMITEDNATIONWIDE NEWS PTY. LIMITED Australia >100M He publishes and sells specialized newspapers for the construction industry such as civil engineering and construction. It also provides information on the construction industry through its own website.
Technical Events Pty LtdTechnical Events Pty Ltd Australia From planning to management of various events, we also undertake staffing such as moderators and venue staff. It also supports sports such as soccer and baseball. In addition, he is also planning and producing advertising and publicity.
HGL LIMITEDHGL LIMITED Australia 10M - 100M Conduct marketing activities that specialize in consumer strategy. For example, we conduct product planning and development support, sales support, and market research for customers engaged in the food service industry. We also undertake consulting services such as launching new businesses. HGL is a dynamic product marketing and supply chain business, selling leading brands in diversified specialist markets. We build superior brand value and develop long-term partnerships with our corporate clients and retail networks through our dedicated business units.