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Name Country City Industry Revenue (USD) Headcount Founded year Description
ARCHERS SOLAR SOLUTIONSARCHERS SOLAR SOLUTIONS Brunei We design and construct photovoltaic power generation facilities. He also sells and installs photovoltaic power generation systems. In addition, the company also sells and sells carports with solar systems.
CORNER CAFFECORNER CAFFE Brunei A company that is entrusted with school lunch services such as elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. He also works on the franchise business of “Yuyu”, a coffee shop that offers freshly made bread at its own store. In addition, we undertake sheet metal painting for automobiles.
B.J.A ENTERPRISEB.J.A ENTERPRISE Brunei Mainly, we undertake operations such as logistics, driving agency, and sales agency. He also manages real estate, buildings, and condominiums.
AMAN HILLS PROPERTY MANAGEMENTAMAN HILLS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Brunei It manages real estate such as condominiums, buildings, and land. In addition, he is engaged in real estate consulting.
A EXCELLENT TUTORIALA EXCELLENT TUTORIAL Brunei A company that operates a school school for the purpose of learning counselors and educational counselors. We provide learning guidance for students who are not good at managing or acquiring school. In addition to individual guidance, we also provide training for companies and organizations to improve skills such as “Studio Aiming”.
BSK ASSOCIATIONBSK ASSOCIATION Brunei A company that conducts three businesses: mail order, staffing, and exhibition management. In addition to these, it operates a call center, and provides reception and guidance by telephone, fax, e-mail, etc. He also holds seminars and dispatches instructors.
UNCLE JAY COMPANYUNCLE JAY COMPANY Brunei It is a holding company of the member group and conducts business such as real estate sales, rental, renovation, wedding production, etc.
ONESTOP PRINTING SOLUTIONSONESTOP PRINTING SOLUTIONS Brunei We print and process commercial printed materials such as flyers. He also prints books such as textbooks.
THE LADY COMPANYTHE LADY COMPANY Brunei In addition to performing theatre, live performances, weddings, etc., he also undertakes costume rentals. He also conducts funeral services, environmental production and operation of theaters, and the management of shozakudai.
ATT ENTERPRISEATT ENTERPRISE Brunei As a cooperative company of a major logistics company, we operate “My Car Partner” and provide charter flights. In addition to the operation of driving agency offices, we also undertake mail order sales and warehousing. It also supports assembly and inspection of home appliances.
APEX ENTERPRISESAPEX ENTERPRISES Brunei Consulting on business strategies and human resource development, as well as management of group companies such as marketing consulting and finance. In addition, we also work on real estate leasing and management of real estate.
HANGOUT CAFEHANGOUT CAFE Brunei The company operates a manga cafe “Crescent”. In addition to coffee, it also operates restaurants such as bars and izakaya.
CITY DETAILING CENTERCITY DETAILING CENTER Brunei In addition to designing, constructing, and supervising buildings, he also handles interior and exterior renovation of houses. We also undertake the purchase and sale of real estate.
AMBI COMPANYAMBI COMPANY Brunei Buy and sell land and rent apartments and houses. In addition, we are engaged in the sale of steel products for manufacturing and welding at our own factory.
ARTISTARTSARTISTARTS Brunei We rent designer condominiums. He also holds seminars and exhibitions related to real estate, and mail order through the website.
THE COLAB COMPANYTHE COLAB COMPANY Brunei We wholesale drinking water “Shirasui Water” and accompanying accessories. In addition to selling at stores, we also support mail order on our own website. In addition, he also sells commercial food for restaurants.
180 DEGREES COMPANY180 DEGREES COMPANY Brunei We are engaged in the purchase and sale of real estate such as office buildings. We also provide consulting on real estate business and real estate utilization.
A.B.R ENTERPRISEA.B.R ENTERPRISE Brunei Dyeing, processing, and printing of paper products used in commercial kitchens. We also undertake mail order of processed paper products. In addition, we also handle product affixing processing by our own factory.
CLEAN MY LIFE COMPANYCLEAN MY LIFE COMPANY Brunei He is engaged in cleaning buildings and shops, and mainly cleaning floors and toilets. It also supports regular cleaning and maintenance management.
EPULL WORKSHOPEPULL WORKSHOP Brunei From planning to operation of exhibitions, showrooms, and expositions, we are doing it consistently. He also organizes seminars and workshops for companies, and also develops web sales of clothing products.