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Name Country City Industry Revenue (USD) Headcount Founded year Description
 GOLDEN CITY CO., LTD. GOLDEN CITY CO., LTD. Cambodia Phnom Penh Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy 2008 He is involved in the raw yarn and processing business of synthetic fibers such as polyethylene.
 BBQ ON WHEELS BBQ ON WHEELS Cambodia Phnom Penh Restaurants and mobile food service activities 2017 A company that performs sheet metal processing, painting, polishing, etc. of automobiles. We also undertake the maintenance of industrial vehicles.
 ELEGANT APARTMENT ELEGANT APARTMENT Cambodia Phnom Penh Short term accommodation activities We are engaged in rental brokerage of apartments and condominiums, and management of real estate. It also buys and sells buildings and land.
Spectacular MediterraneanSpectacular Mediterranean Cambodia Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis 2017 A company that exports and imports marine products such as tuna, bonito and mackerel to overseas markets. We also provide consulting on marine product safety and environmental conservation. In addition, he also manages the tuna dismantling store “Tuna no Marusato Ichiban”.
 SUN CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING CO., LTD. SUN CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Cambodia Phnom Penh Transport via buses 2016 It is a company that conducts survey, design, and construction management related to railways, bridges, and civil engineering work. He is also involved in the maintenance and repair of living-related facilities, and has a track record in loading and repairing reservoirs and retaining walls. We also provide construction consulting related to them.
 PROJECT ALBA PROJECT ALBA Cambodia Phnom Penh It is a company that provides agricultural management consulting services such as support for the sixth industrialization, advice on effective use of farmland, and regional revitalization support projects. He conducts lectures and research sessions for agricultural managers, and addresses problems related to agricultural management. We are Project Alba, a for-profit social enterprise working with low income farmers in developing countries. We have an innovative business model that is focused on achieving our mission to increase farmers’ income now and in the future.
PROMINENCE INVESTMENT ENTERPRISE LTD.PROMINENCE INVESTMENT ENTERPRISE LTD. Cambodia Support activities for transportation 2011 It is a company that invests in real estate for investment, such as condominiums, offices, and commercial facilities. We also provide investment opportunities to investors. In addition, he also engages in real estate development and investment consulting, sales and management of revenue real estate, and countermeasures for unlisted companies.
 PROFESSIONAL TRADER PROFESSIONAL TRADER Cambodia Phnom Penh Warehousing and storage 2010 He provides information on overseas investment and trade, and also sells non-life insurance on behalf of the company. In addition, he also engages in trade consulting and manufacturing and sales support for companies.
 YONG KANG YONG KANG Cambodia Phnom Penh Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco 2014 We are engaged in real estate sales and rental brokerage such as land for sale. In addition, it corresponds to paving work, exterior construction, landscaping work, etc.
Jane Austin,Jane Austin, Cambodia Growing of perennial crops 2017 We manufacture and sell wooden products such as chopsticks stands and coasters, and various jigsaw puzzles. He also provides consulting on information and communication systems. In addition, we also undertake the production of precision sculptures and prototypes.
 AURA HOUSE AURA HOUSE Cambodia Siem Reap Short term accommodation activities 2017 We design and construct custom-built houses such as two-by-four houses and houses with basements. It is characterized by the fact that it corresponds to the construction of houses using natural materials. We also undertake renovation work and interior work. In addition, he also buys and sells land.
 PRINCE BUSINESS OPERATING MANAGEMENT PRINCE BUSINESS OPERATING MANAGEMENT Cambodia Phnom Penh Management consultancy activities 2016 Engines consulting for construction and operation of buildings and condominiums. In addition, he is responsible for the management of gas stations and warehouses as well as the operation of group companies. He is also involved in staffing and job introduction business.
 COA INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CO., LTD. COA INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CO., LTD. Cambodia Phnom Penh Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis 2016 A company that engages in consulting services related to overseas expansion and trade. We provide services for overseas expansion of companies, such as property introduction, and international real estate investment. It also provides services such as overseas real estate search and valuation.
YELLOW FIN TUNA CO., LTD.YELLOW FIN TUNA CO., LTD. Cambodia Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies 2017 We wholesale fresh fish to hotels, inns, restaurants, etc. He also handles the processing of seafood.
Dear friend,Dear friend, Cambodia Activities of employment placement agencies 2017 Providing membership-based consulting services such as asset management and real estate investment. In addition, we are engaged in general worker dispatch business and paid job placement business. In addition, he is also involved in the purchase of real estate, etc., and paperwork.
 XING HE WAN INVESTMENT CO., LTD. XING HE WAN INVESTMENT CO., LTD. Cambodia Kandal Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis 2017 It is an investment fund that invests for companies and individuals, and is characterized by its main focus on real estate investment. He also invests in venture companies, such as commercialization of unlisted companies and the development of revenue streams for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, we also develop consumer lending business, and respond to consultations on real estate management and investment.
 JADE POWER JADE POWER Cambodia Phnom Penh Training of human resources is carried out for people with developmental disabilities. He also engages in the planning and management of cross-industry exchange meetings and international exchange meetings. In addition, we undertake the manufacture of electronic equipment, parts, and interior work.
 M & P INTERNATIONAL M & P INTERNATIONAL Cambodia Phnom Penh Support activities for transportation 2015 A company that provides international trade support such as import and export business, overseas market development, and overseas advertising agency. He also supports SMEs to expand into overseas markets, and also acts on behalf of administrative procedures. In addition, he also works on web production and e-commerce business.
 PRO 911 AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD. PRO 911 AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD. Cambodia Phnom Penh Transport via buses 2017 Mainly engaged in the sale and maintenance of automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles. In addition, he also handles non-life insurance agency services.
Milligan, Fox, Fox,Milligan, Fox, Fox, Cambodia Manufacture of plastics products 2017 He is engaged in wholesale yarns and industrial materials. In addition, he also undergoes the mail order of rice and miscellaneous goods.