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Name Country City Industry Revenue (USD) Headcount Founded year Description
Crown Enterprise LimitedCrown Enterprise Limited Hong Kong 1999 Conduct business contracting and credit guarantee services such as consumer finance and infrastructure construction projects. It also handles the management of group companies and the management of ASP services, and dispatching personnel such as system engineers.
Sum Sum International Logistics LimitedSum Sum International Logistics Limited Hong Kong 2010 It is a company that conducts logistics services. In addition to domestic transportation, we also provide services for international maritime transportation. It also performs logistics processing and packaging work. As a specialist in truck transportation, we have more than 80 truck vehicles.
Grand Step Enterprise LimitedGrand Step Enterprise Limited Hong Kong 2008 He conducts business management and vehicle management of group companies, and provides corporate consulting and information provision. He also handles the holding of seminars and events, and the sale and rental of real estate.
Westford LimitedWestford Limited Hong Kong >100M 2001 Mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of hemp yarns and harnesses. In addition, he also manages gardens as a “clean farm” and engages in weeding using high-pressure washers.
Radio Services, LimitedRadio Services, Limited Hong Kong 1932 He is engaged in wired television broadcasting business. In addition to the construction and operation of wired radio systems, the company also sells and maintains radio equipment. In addition to dealing with'multi-channel community FM' as a regional network, we also work on the production of programs for local governments.
Billion Elite LimitedBillion Elite Limited Hong Kong <1M 2008 He conducts business management, business consulting, and investment and financing of securities. In addition to the company's private equity business, it also operates cryptocurrency trading companies and consumer lending businesses. billionelite,Yi Ya Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Palace Hotel LimitedPalace Hotel Limited Hong Kong 1962 It operates and manages “Green Hill Hotel” and “Republic Park Hotel”. In addition to accommodation such as hotels, the company also manages leisure facilities such as resort hotels.
Eastern Agencies LimitedEastern Agencies Limited Hong Kong 1959 Trade in textile products, apparel products, and miscellaneous goods. We also work on inspection and packaging of food products. In addition, he is also involved in buying and selling real estate, brokerage, and casualty insurance agency.
Son Keng International Company LimitedSon Keng International Company Limited Hong Kong 1984 The company manufactures, processes and wholesales textile products. SON KENG TEXTILES (HK) CO., LTD. SON KENG PIECEGOODS CO., LTD. Room 102, 1/F., Technology Plaza, 29-35 Sha Tsui Rd., Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 23959018 SON KENG GARMENT (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD. National Road No. 4 Sla Village, Voas commune, Samraong Torng district, Kompong Speu, Cambodia Tel: (855) 78335128 SON KENG TEXTILES CO., LTD. No.1, San Jiao Zhou Lu, Datang Industrial Zone, The Datang Town of Sanshui District, Foshan City, GuangDong, China. Tel: (0757) 66899261 FOSHAN CITY SHUNDE DISTRICT LAUS TEXTILE AND GARMENT CO., LTD. No.2 of 8th Road, Technology Zone, Xing Tan Industrial Park, Xing Tan Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China Tel: (0757) 66899261
Hk Hydraulic Power (China) Development Company LimitedHk Hydraulic Power (China) Development Company Limited Hong Kong 1998 We manufacture general industrial machinery and civil engineering machinery. In addition, we handle hydraulic equipment and control equipment. In addition, the company manufactures ship equipment and agricultural machinery.
Honour Trading LimitedHonour Trading Limited Hong Kong 1962 He is engaged in overseas trade and import/export of food products, mainly grains. It also conducts credit checks and information provision services and the manufacture and sale of promotional tools.
Kingsley & Co., LimitedKingsley & Co., Limited Hong Kong 1937 In addition to the management of contact lenses specialty stores, we manufacture, process, and sell bespoke dental laboratory products. It also provides information provision services and the sale of books.
Robin LimitedRobin Limited Hong Kong 1962 Together as a group business, we are developing businesses such as packaging and shipping of miscellaneous goods. We also carry out a mail order business that handles household goods such as detergents and shampoos. In addition, he also works on obi construction, earthwork, and demolition work.
Standard Capital Precious Metals LimitedStandard Capital Precious Metals Limited Hong Kong 1M - 5M 1991 We are engaged in the processing, wholesale and purchase of precious metal bullion such as gold, platinum, and palladium. We also handle jewelry, and we can order them by e-mail and fax.
Bennington LimitedBennington Limited Hong Kong 1962 Mainly engaged in the manufacture of textile products such as clothing, and real estate buying and selling. In addition to operating a cram school, it also conducts public works such as civil engineering work.
Messenger Services LimitedMessenger Services Limited Hong Kong 1980 Mainly engaged in mail order service, telephone sales, and advertising agency business. In addition, we also undertake postings for catalogs, free samples, and information correspondence.
Sjm Company LimitedSjm Company Limited Hong Kong >100M 2010 Mainly engaged in import and export operations such as automobiles, miscellaneous goods, and food. It also develops businesses such as the development of human resources and the management of group companies. In addition, we also undertake business management of overseas subsidiaries.
Melco Development LimitedMelco Development Limited Hong Kong >100M 1995 It mainly conducts urban development and land use consulting. He also manages companies and group companies related to real estate management, and conducts market research and business management.
Bridges LimitedBridges Limited Hong Kong 1994 Design or construct civil engineering works, such as roads and railways. In addition, he undergoes public construction for infrastructure development, such as tunnel construction and bridge construction.
Jenkins LimitedJenkins Limited Hong Kong 2014 Mainly engaged in the sale of real estate and rental services. In addition, he is engaged in holding real estate management and car transportation business. Other features include provision of information on real estate investment, real estate rental management, and casualty insurance agency services.