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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
Global Land Industrial LimitedGlobal Land Industrial LimitedHong KongEngineering Services1995In addition to the design and construction of civil engineering and construction work, we also provide consulting on land utilization. In addition to the maritime transportation business, the company also carries out general cargo transportation using ships.
Alpha Perfect Development LimitedAlpha Perfect Development LimitedHong KongAerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing1995We are engaged in contracted research and development of medical devices such as digestive endoscopes. We also developed laboratory tools such as human feititus microsurgery and bone density measurement devices. In addition, we also support the development of educational materials such as material development kits and science experiment teaching materials.
Bags World LimitedBags World LimitedHong KongClothing Stores1995A company that mainly manufactures and sells bags and suitcases. In addition to business trips, we also handle products for professionals in the travel industry. We also repair and maintain suitcases, and handle parts replacement and parts replacement. For children's bags, we also work on original handbags.
28th Century Limited28th Century LimitedHong KongOther Services (except Public Administration)1995We undertake the bookbinding of ancient documents, important cultural properties, and ukiyo-e books. It also performs processing such as bookbinding and gold foil stamping. In addition, we also handle mail order of commemorative magazines and so on.
Great Land Property Consultants LimitedGreat Land Property Consultants LimitedHong KongOther Legal Services1995Assess and purchase real estate, and engage in real estate securitization procedures. It also conducts building surveys and proposals for effective use of land. In addition, we also respond to real estate consulting.
Hot Spring International LimitedHot Spring International LimitedHong KongSpring and Wire Product Manufacturing1995It operates a hot spring inn called “Kinjo Onsen Yu”, and has a garden bath, open-air bath, and sauna. It also supports the use of rechargeable hot spring batteries.
New Way Paper Product Manufacturing Co., LimitedNew Way Paper Product Manufacturing Co., LimitedHong KongJewelry Stores1995Manufactures and sells pulp, paper, and paper products. The main products include paper napkins, coasters, and paper aprons. We also undertake printing on other paper products.
Central Asia Hospitality Services LimitedCentral Asia Hospitality Services LimitedHong KongProfessional, Scientific, and Technical Services1995He undertakes telephone calls and accounts receivables management, and corporate housing management for companies and group companies.
Win Square Development LimitedWin Square Development LimitedHong Kong33 - Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery, Computer & Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture & Related Products, Miscellaneous1995From planning to operation of amusement facilities such as pachinko and pachislot. It also manufactures and sells gaming machines.
Pioneer Hall International LimitedPioneer Hall International LimitedHong KongAdministrative and Support Services1995Operates “Ceremony Hall Fuji” and provides hospitality for ceremonial occasions, banquets, and meetings. It also operates a hotel where you can stay with pets and have a wedding room. It is characterized by the fact that there is a cottage and you can stay with pets.
International Designers' Network LimitedInternational Designers' Network LimitedHong KongAdministrative and Support Services1995Sewing products such as hats, shoes, and bags. He is also involved in the planning and pattern creation of apparel products. In addition, he undergoes embroidery, pleated processing, and sewing processing. In addition, he is engaged in human resource development and management consulting.
East Master International LimitedEast Master International LimitedHong KongProfessional, Scientific, and Technical Services1995Mainly engaged in trade consulting services. In addition, he also provides international business management support and consulting services.
Jewellery Collection (Holdings) LimitedJewellery Collection (Holdings) LimitedHong KongNondepository Credit Intermediation1995We plan and manage music copyrights and sell them on the web, and also conduct auctions. He also plans and manages events. In addition, he also works on the planning and production of character products, as well as the planning and management of entertainment productions. Copyright © 2018 Jewellery Collection . All rights reserved. Copyright © 2018 Jewellery Collection . All rights reserved. Just added to your wishlist: Keep Shopping Just added to your cart: Keep Shopping
Asia Logistics LimitedAsia Logistics LimitedHong KongCommodity Contracts Dealing1995We provide logistics services such as shipping agency, import and export support. In addition to providing a consistent distribution service from procurement to production and sales, it also develops a logistic consulting business. In addition, the company also performs delivery operations using trucks owned by the company.
Forever Faith LimitedForever Faith LimitedHong KongMarketing Consulting Services1M - 5M1995A company that mainly manufactures and sells dental laboratory products such as artificial teeth, dental chairs, and cosmetic chairs. In addition, he also manages the funeral hall “Ceremony Hall Edge”.
Health Maintenance Corporation LimitedHealth Maintenance Corporation LimitedHong KongHome Health Care Services1995In addition to conducting health checks and management of medical buildings, it also conducts water tests and so on. In addition, he is responsible for the management of medical devices and sales of health equipment.
Top One Car Accessory (H.K.) LimitedTop One Car Accessory (H.K.) LimitedHong KongJewelry, Luggage, and Leather Goods Stores1995Wholesales and sells automotive supplies such as car navigation systems and car audio systems. In addition, he also handles accessories wholesale and mail order sales.
Classic Tiles LimitedClassic Tiles LimitedHong KongBuilding Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealers1995He designs, constructs, and manages temples and shrines. It also supports the manufacture and sale of ibushi tiles and mosaic tiles. In addition, we will also work on mail order on the web.
Roentgen Industries LimitedRoentgen Industries LimitedHong KongPesticide and Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing1M - 5M1995In addition to the production of organic feeds, the company also handles the sterilization and disinfection of animals and plants, as well as the development of new materials for feed and fertilizer raw materials. In addition, we undertake commissioned tests such as stool test and bacteriological test in collaboration with government and private companies.
Billion Asia Engineering LimitedBillion Asia Engineering LimitedHong KongSocial Advocacy Organizations1995A company that conducts research on environmental conservation and the environment. It also conducts trade operations of companies and organizations.