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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
Nice Day Technology LimitedNice Day Technology LimitedHong KongMedical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing2001He develops, manufactures, and sells industrial machinery, dental laboratory products, and dental materials. In addition, he conducts sewing processing of denim and dentures, and seminars for dental clinics.
B/E Aerospace LimitedB/E Aerospace LimitedHong KongMotor Vehicle and Parts Dealers2001We undertake the manufacture of parts such as aircraft, rockets, and ships. From prototypes to mass-produced products, we handle a wide range of products, such as small-volume production of many varieties and special processing of difficult-to-process materials.
Eastern Marine Company LimitedEastern Marine Company LimitedHong KongGrocery and Related Product Merchant Wholesalers2001We are engaged in the wholesale of marine products such as frozen fish and shellfish. In addition, we undertake port transportation at fishing ports. In addition, the company also operates a fishing boat and a ship.
Wonderful Photo LimitedWonderful Photo LimitedHong KongCommercial Photography2001We operate a photo studio and take wedding photos, certification photos, matchmaking photos, etc. We also undertake image processing and printing.
Ocean Water Treatment LimitedOcean Water Treatment LimitedHong KongConditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing2001A company that designs, manufactures, and constructs water treatment equipment for business use. We mainly deal with “microacid electrolyzed water” used in factories and “microacid electrolyzed water” used in the manufacturing process of liquid food.
Golden Valley International LimitedGolden Valley International LimitedHong KongPerforming Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries2001He is engaged in overseas travel business, and deals with airline tickets and hotel reservations. In addition to the management of group companies, he also conducts overseas tourist information business and import/export trade operations.
Capital International Trading LimitedCapital International Trading LimitedHong KongSecurities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities2001He mainly trades in financial products such as foreign exchange margin trading and domestic and overseas market research. We also provide consulting on overseas real estate investment and overseas real estate investment, and provide various information services.
Medics LimitedMedics LimitedHong KongAll Other Ambulatory Health Care Services2001Wholesales and repairs medical devices from domestic and overseas manufacturers. In addition, he conducts consulting for the opening of medical institutions, such as a business plan for the establishment of medical facilities and information on the management of medical facilities. We also support recruitment and dispatch of medical professionals.
Perfect Pure Water (Far East) LimitedPerfect Pure Water (Far East) LimitedHong KongBeverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing2001Manufactures and sells mineral water. It also provides a delivery service for water dispensers.
Charming LimitedCharming LimitedHong KongEducational Services< 1M2001It is a holding company of the member group “Thank you for the Aged Welfare Group”. Engage in the operation of hospitals, nursing care facilities, and wedding production. They also hold seminars for school corporations and entrepreneurs. In addition, he provides information for companies and individuals, and web design.
Royal Restaurant LimitedRoyal Restaurant LimitedHong KongRestaurants and Other Eating Places2001It operates restaurants such as izakaya, steak, and yakiniku. The main menu includes grilled pork set meal, shabu-shabu set meal, and one-dish dishes.
Graces LimitedGraces LimitedHong KongManagement Consulting Services2001It is a holding company of the member group “Senior Group” and operates funerals, etc. The funeral business includes the operation of “Senior House Aitama”, the management of funeral services, rental of costumes, and the operation of a funeral hall. In addition, he also works on non-life insurance agency business and mail order.
Jhl LimitedJhl LimitedHong KongChemical Manufacturing1M - 5M2001In addition to processing foods such as natto for tea, he undertakes business trips such as test work and dyeing arrangement at the time of soybean reprocessing. In addition, the company operates a company that manufactures building materials, industrial materials, and clothing products.
Po Lam Restaurant LimitedPo Lam Restaurant LimitedHong KongHealth Care and Social Assistance1M - 5M2001It operates restaurants such as' Ebisuya tonkatsu 'and' Gyoza tonkatsu.'They also offer set meals, fried foods, and yakiniku set meals.
Welfare Biotech Company LimitedWelfare Biotech Company LimitedHong KongAll Other Miscellaneous Ambulatory Health Care Services2001Manufactures, sells, and leases medical devices, welfare equipment, and home care products. He also handles second-hand goods sales and repair services.
Green Technology LimitedGreen Technology LimitedHong KongAdministration of Environmental Quality Programs< 1M2001Conduct surveys, plans, and proposals on improvement of soil and buildings. He also engages in planning, design, construction and management of green spaces and gardens. In addition, we also undertake research, planning, and construction of wall greening and rooftop greening.
Golden Sand Marble LimitedGolden Sand Marble LimitedHong KongResidential Building Construction< 1M2001Manufactures and sells marble, granite, and terrazzo. He also performs engraving on stone materials, repairs scratches, and other materials.
Garlic LimitedGarlic LimitedHong KongHealth Care and Social Assistance2001Manufactures and sells health foods such as' garlic egg yolk 'and' grated red garlic.'We also support mail order.
Top Universal Trading LimitedTop Universal Trading LimitedHong KongSecurities Brokerage2001A company that provides information on foreign exchange margin trading, foreign exchange trading, and international exchange issues. We provide services specialized in foreign exchange margin trading, such as monitoring the status of foreign exchange rates and providing information on foreign exchange margin trading.
Hong Kong Martial Arts (Performers) Co., LimitedHong Kong Martial Arts (Performers) Co., LimitedHong KongOther Schools and Instruction2001Manufacture and sale of martial arts, swords, armor, etc., as well as repair, training and teaching of martial arts. He also organizes and manages martial arts events and theater companies.