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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
Trend of Heat LimitedTrend of Heat LimitedHong KongConditioning Supply2008It is a company that conducts metal heat treatment business such as continuous furnace annealing, gas carburizing and nitriding. In addition, we have developed a variety of businesses such as human resource development, welding training, and regional heat treatment business.
Excel Electronics Technology LimitedExcel Electronics Technology LimitedHong KongRelay and Industrial Control Manufacturing2008It is a company that manufactures industrial electrical equipment such as electrical control equipment and electronic application devices.
Aplus Mold LimitedAplus Mold LimitedHong KongMachinery Manufacturing2008We design and manufacture press dies for automobile-related parts such as door frames, meter panels, and roof panels. We also handle sheet metal molds for home appliances and game consoles, and plastic molding molds for industrial parts.
Grand Step Enterprise LimitedGrand Step Enterprise LimitedHong KongPolice Protection2008He conducts business management and vehicle management of group companies, and provides corporate consulting and information provision. He also handles the holding of seminars and events, and the sale and rental of real estate.
World Tents LimitedWorld Tents LimitedHong KongTransportation Equipment Manufacturing2008Manufactures, sells, and leases general tents, decorative tents, and awning tents. In addition to handling tent warehouses and retractable tents, we also work on the construction of tents in factories and shops.
My Data Centre LimitedMy Data Centre LimitedHong KongOther Financial Investment Activities2008We are involved in the planning and operation of large-scale data center services and smartphone applications. It also provides big data analysis services such as questionnaires and big data analysis, and cloud services such as data center services.
Vast Grow Development LimitedVast Grow Development LimitedHong KongPesticide, Fertilizer, and Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing2008Grow flowers and pears, as well as seedlings of vegetables and herbs. He also works on the production of fertilizers such as “cold pressed flower”, “green rice” and “rice with honeycomb effect”.
China Agricultural Materials (H.K.) Co., LimitedChina Agricultural Materials (H.K.) Co., LimitedHong KongConstruction of Buildings2008Design and construction of vinyl houses, wholesale of fertilizers and agricultural materials, and the manufacture and sale of horticultural facilities. The company also sells original products such as cultured soil and planters.
Favor Toys Industry Co., LimitedFavor Toys Industry Co., LimitedHong KongFamily Planning Centers< 1M2008It is a company that plans, manufactures, and sells amusement products such as mobile game consoles, and yo-yos. In addition, we also handle outdoor playground equipment for pachinko and pachislot. We have strengths in an integrated system from planning to manufacturing, sales, and logistics.
Canford LimitedCanford LimitedHong KongTelecommunications2008Mainly engaged in real estate sales, rental brokerage, and property management. It also conducts collective business of group companies. In addition, it can also be used for weeding work.
Pinnacle Scientific (China) LimitedPinnacle Scientific (China) LimitedHong KongResearch and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences2008We conduct research and development support such as patent acquisition, commissioned research, and market research. He also handles application procedures for patents, utility models, and designs. In addition, we also undertake consulting on patents and utility models.
Royal Way International Group LimitedRoyal Way International Group LimitedHong KongScenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Water2008It is a company that provides services such as delivery and driving agency. In addition, he also manages marine sports, fishing boats, and fleets. It also develops maritime transportation businesses such as large cruisers and fireworks rentals.
Mitch LimitedMitch LimitedHong KongWelding and Soldering Equipment Manufacturing2008We are engaged in construction work, civil engineering work, and job/earthwork. He also works on water facility construction and road safety construction. In addition, we also undertake security and casualty insurance agency business.
Jenny LimitedJenny LimitedHong KongTelecommunications< 1M2008We work on formwork construction, carpentry work, and welding. It also supports sewing processing and driving agency.
Yuan Yang Trading LimitedYuan Yang Trading LimitedHong KongProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services< 1M2008We provide services for international trade operations, and respond to related operations such as import and export declarations, settlements, and data entry. In addition to providing overseas expansion support for companies, he also engages in consulting on overseas real estate investment and overseas construction.
Pro Sports International LimitedPro Sports International LimitedHong Kong31 - Food, Beverage, Tobacco, Apparel, Leather, & Allied Products, Textile Mills, Textile Product Mills< 1M2008A company that manufactures and sells sportswear such as rugby jerseys. Also, he is involved in the planning and management of sporting events.
Creator Pr & Production LimitedCreator Pr & Production LimitedHong KongMotion Picture and Video Production2008He plans, develops, and sells products related to fashion and sports. It also manages copyrights and trademark rights. In addition, we also undertake advertising planning and production.
Better Global L.L.C. LimitedBetter Global L.L.C. LimitedHong KongClothing Accessories Stores2008Manufactures and sells original apparel products such as yosakoi costumes and wedding dresses. We also provide material information, product planning, and sample making. In addition, we also undertake OEM for apparel products.
Quality Services LimitedQuality Services LimitedHong KongInformation2008We are engaged in contracted development of systems and software. In addition, we also provide services such as information provision by data centers, aggregation, and analysis. He is also involved in the wholesale of packaged software and system equipment.
Pro Audio LimitedPro Audio LimitedHong KongSales Financing1M - 5M2008Manufacture and wholesale of audio equipment, as well as repair and maintenance of equipment. We also sell CDs on our own site.