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Name Country City Industry Revenue (USD) Headcount Founded year Description
NINE JUMPNINE JUMP Laos 2008 He conducts business such as the management of a group company that manufactures and sells sports goods such as tennis rackets. We also undertake real estate sales, leasing, brokerage, and mediation. In addition, he also organizes garages.
SUN TRADING MOTORSUN TRADING MOTOR Laos 2010 Sales of new and used cars, purchases of cars, inspections, maintenance, and repairs. In addition, we also sell automotive parts and casualty insurance. It is characterized by the fact that vehicle inspection and maintenance are carried out at our own factory.
VimalaVimala Laos Other retail sale in non-specialized stores 2014 Conduct construction and sale of detached houses and apartments, and sales of real estate such as land. In addition, he also handles real estate management and general insurance agency services.
WITHUS PROJECT CO.,LTDWITHUS PROJECT CO.,LTD Laos Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials 2009 Formwork, landscaping work, and civil engineering work. He also handles real estate sales and real estate transactions.
Onlyone Restaurant.Onlyone Restaurant. Laos Other food service activities 2010 It operates restaurants including steaks and hamburgers, kaiseki cuisine, and local dishes. They also offer course dishes and all-you-can-drink.
FAMILY HOTEL CO.,LTDFAMILY HOTEL CO.,LTD Laos Other food service activities 2009 It mainly operates business and leisure hotels. In addition, he also manages inns and restaurants.
TRANS EXPRESS.TRANS EXPRESS. Laos Other retail sale of new goods in specialized stores 2011 He is engaged in delivery services such as domestic and overseas air tickets, and logistics agency services such as warehouse management. We also undertake outsourcing of other companies' products.
AS-STudioAS-STudio Laos Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities 2015 It has a studio for recording and shooting, and can also be used as a dance studio or recording instrument. In addition, we also offer services such as rental of studios.
enjoy.enjoy. Laos Other food service activities 2016 As a service for the general public, we provide information on the lives of our customers and arrange events and dinners. He also manages membership-based cafes and golf facilities.
GOLD JUNE DEVELOMENT LIMTEDGOLD JUNE DEVELOMENT LIMTED Laos Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies 2009 A company that manufactures and sells woody biomass based fertilizers and residual soil treatment. It also conducts the recycling business of woody biomass and the management of group companies. He also works on road improvement work and construction work.
SPECIAL AUTO KOREASPECIAL AUTO KOREA Laos 2009 We carry out automobile transportation and light cargo transportation. In addition, he also handles warehouse operations such as cargo handling, packaging, and shipping of goods. In addition to selling automobile parts, we also undertake vehicle inspections and repairs.
Absolute Aviation Technology Co.,LtdAbsolute Aviation Technology Co.,Ltd Laos Other business support service activities, not elsewhere classified 2017 We manufacture parts for ships and aircraft.
Well ICT Co.,LtdWell ICT Co.,Ltd Laos Other business support service activities, not elsewhere classified 2012 Sales and installation of communication services such as telephones, faxes, and the Internet. It is also possible to provide guidance and support to individual customers. In addition, he also handles the call center business.
Winning Internet CaféWinning Internet Café Laos 2017 The company operates internet cafes, computer classrooms, and manga cafes.
Building Concepts Co.,LtdBuilding Concepts Co.,Ltd Laos Site preparation 2008 Conducts real estate rental business such as buildings and real estate management. It also conducts architectural design of houses and buildings, and housing renovation. Others engage in the sale of real estate, management and mediation of companies and land.
I - Beam RestaurantI - Beam Restaurant Laos Other food service activities 2012 The three-story building is equipped with a fireplace and a private room, and it is characterized by being able to accommodate night parties and banquets. The main menu includes kaiseki dishes, set meals, and so on.
Miss Happii DeliverlyMiss Happii Deliverly Laos Other retail sale in non-specialized stores 2016 It operates regular shuttle buses for companies and schools, and also conducts bus transfer services for elderly people. In addition, he also provides home delivery services for bento and ingredients.
BROCELI ANDE FARMBROCELI ANDE FARM Laos Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds 2009 It is a company that operates plantations with an emphasis on the production area of vegetables. In terms of the agricultural production business, we are promoting local production and aiming for an environment where young people can play an active role. The sixth industrialization business is engaged in the cultivation of lettuce and sweet corn at its own farm.
DRIVEN By Adventure Travel Co.,LtdDRIVEN By Adventure Travel Co.,Ltd Laos Tour operator activities 2012 It is a company that organizes and manages various cruise tours such as domestic and overseas. In addition to cruise tours, the company also develops marine leisure businesses such as boat rental, marine interpreters, and reservoirs. In addition, he also provides tourist information on domestic and overseas travel and contracted media services such as interpreters.
NEW WORLD SCREEN GOLF CO.,LTDNEW WORLD SCREEN GOLF CO.,LTD Laos Other sports activities 2014 A company that manufactures and sells golf clubs for each manufacturer. The company also sells golf membership rights and the management of golf schools. In addition, we undertake the agency of membership trading in golf courses. In addition, he also handles the solar power generation business.