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I COAST SDN. BHD.I COAST SDN. BHD. Malaysia Melaka From building design to construction and management of commercial facilities such as retail stores and restaurants. He also conducts consulting services related to real estate, such as land redevelopment and store opening plans. In addition, he is also involved in the real estate business, such as buying and selling condominiums and detached houses, and leasing. Right Development Activities Develops commercial land in Limbongan, Melaka to build Offices, Retail Malls, Supermarkets, Medical centres for corporate investor
LYK AGRICULTURAL FARM SDN. BHD.LYK AGRICULTURAL FARM SDN. BHD. Malaysia Meradong We are conducting independent farming training for people who want to do agriculture as a new job. In terms of support, in addition to cultivating rice, wheat and soybeans using pesticide-free cultivation, soil improvement, etc., it is characterized by the fact that it also sells agricultural products produced on its own farm.
INTEGRATED MARITIME HOLDINGS SDN. BHD.INTEGRATED MARITIME HOLDINGS SDN. BHD. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur It is a company that engages in business management such as new business development support, corporate revitalization, and human resource development. It also conducts venture businesses such as investment business and group companies.
MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCESMALAYSIAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES Malaysia Petaling Jaya A company that operates a dispensing pharmacy “Clover Pharmacy” and internal medicine. We also engage in medical and nursing care consulting and management of schools for the purpose of developing human resources in the field of medical care. In addition, we undertake internal medicine and pharmacy management. The founding members of this corporate body were the Institute of Medical and Health Laboratory Technology (IMHLT), the Malaysian Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists (MSMLT) and the National Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology (NIMLT), representing the MLT's from the Ministry of Health (MOH), University of Malaya (UM) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) respectively.
At the international level MIMLS is a member of the ASEAN Association for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (AACLS) formerly known as The ASEAN Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists (AAMLT).
Singapore Association of Medical Laboratory Science An Act to provide for the establishment of the Malaysian Allied Health Professions Council, the registration of the allied health practitioners, the regulation and control of the practice of the allied health professions and for related matters.
CARGO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS (M) SDN. BHD.CARGO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS (M) SDN. BHD. Malaysia Ipoh A company that provides international logistics services. We provide services to trade with overseas companies, and develop international logistics services in cooperation with group companies and transportation companies around the world.
FOOD-TECH SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD.FOOD-TECH SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur A company that operates a yakiniku restaurant “Kita-no-Sato” and a group that conducts sushi, meat dishes, and alcoholic beverages. He is also responsible for the management of restaurants and support the development of franchise businesses. In addition, we have established a qualification acquisition system to support food qualifications.
NZX MANAGEMENT SERVICES SDN. BHD.NZX MANAGEMENT SERVICES SDN. BHD. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur He engages in management consulting and human resource management. In addition to the management of group companies, he is responsible for the operation of convenience stores and restaurant management.
ALL IT (KAJANG) SDN. BHD.ALL IT (KAJANG) SDN. BHD. Malaysia Kajang 10M - 100M We sell and repair personal computers, peripherals, and office automation equipment. He also manages a personal computer classroom. The Largest Computer Retail Outlet in Malaysia, we aim to fulfill your IT Needs offering a wide range of computer products both in-store and online.
INTEGRATED HOLDINGS SDN.BHD.INTEGRATED HOLDINGS SDN.BHD. Malaysia Kota Kinabalu Mainly engaged in human resource development and management of group companies. In addition to the management of restaurants and convenience stores, he also undertakes franchising and business consulting.
LIFESTYLE RETAIL MALAYSIA SDN. BHD.LIFESTYLE RETAIL MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 1M - 5M It operates a select shop that sells clothes and fashion accessories for women. Max-Fashion
CLINICAL RESEARCH MALAYSIACLINICAL RESEARCH MALAYSIA Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 10M - 100M A company that supports the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices and consignment of clinical trials. Mainly, we undertake research support such as monitoring of pharmaceuticals using computers, preparing clinical trial plans, and acting on behalf of various procedures. We also support the development and provision of health-related information to medical institutions. Established by Malaysian Ministry of Health in 2012, CRM exists to advance global health solutions for a brighter, more hopeful future for the people.
MACRO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD.MACRO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur He is engaged in the sale of office equipment such as multifunction machines, printing presses, business equipment and furniture. The company also sells software such as sales management systems and customer management systems, and provides support for office relocation and business improvement. We recognize that good people are core to ensuring the continued satisfaction of our customers and in turn the continued success of our business.
MACROTEC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SDN BHD formerly known as LINTANE OFFICE SOLUTIONS SDN BHD has been an established and trusted complete service provider, from our base in Kuantan, Pahang for over 37 years.
We supply high quality office equipment, office furniture and document solutions at competitive prices without compromising on value or service.
CITY POINT SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD.CITY POINT SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD. Malaysia Puchong Constructs special insulated panels for freezers and refrigerators used in food factories and precision equipment factories. He also works on the construction of air conditioning and house cleaning. In addition, we undertake building maintenance, such as floor construction and cleaning. CITY POINT initial business development covers the integration of engineering work on cleanroom system. As a specialist of designing and building the operational cleanroom in many years, customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of our strategy. CITY POINT always ensure strict compliance with the local and international standards for clean air, and statistics the condition of clean environment by preventing contamination. CITY POINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD (CPS) initial business development covers the integration of engineering work on cleanroom system.
HOLISTIC HAIR CARE SDN. BHD.HOLISTIC HAIR CARE SDN. BHD. Malaysia Puchong It is a company that develops and sells its own hair care products such as shampoos and hair oils, including the “non-oxidizing shampoo” series. In addition to selling on the website, it also operates three stores.
GENTING PLANTATIONS BERHADGENTING PLANTATIONS BERHAD Malaysia Kuala Lumpur >100M Cultivate and sell agricultural products on our own farm. In addition, he also conducts consulting services related to agricultural management and the production and sales of agricultural products. Our people are our most important asset.
Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2015 by HR Asia National Occupational Safety and Health Excellence Award for the category of Agriculture – Genting Tanjung Estate National Occupational Safety and Health Excellence Award for the category of Agriculture – Genting Tanjung Estate.
We are a leading public listed company that was named among ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia.
RHB BANK BERHADRHB BANK BERHAD Malaysia Kuala Lumpur >100M We are engaged in financial business such as caching, loans, and credit cards. In addition, he is also engaged in the management of local banks. Fulfill all your banking needs with RHB Banking Simplified: Credit Cards, Loans, Wealth Management, Deposits, Islamic Banking and many more.
UP-&-UP SDN. BHD.UP-&-UP SDN. BHD. Malaysia Kajang Mainly engaged in business management of restaurants and convenience stores, as well as franchise management of mobile phone shops. It also operates a call center.
POWER CARGO GSA SDN. BHD.POWER CARGO GSA SDN. BHD. Malaysia George Town He is engaged in the operation of gas stations, sales of liquefied petroleum gas, and training for obtaining qualifications such as carpenter and calligraphy. It also operates classes such as correspondence courses on driving skills such as car washes at driving schools. In addition, we also operate restaurants.
PRECISION AUTOMATION COMPONENT SDN. BHD.PRECISION AUTOMATION COMPONENT SDN. BHD. Malaysia Johor Bahru We manufacture and wholesale electronic components such as crystal units and crystal oscillators. We also handle processing of precision parts using plastics and other materials.
WIN GLOBAL SUPPLIES SDN. BHD.WIN GLOBAL SUPPLIES SDN. BHD. Malaysia Bayan Lepas Mainly engaged in wholesale of commercial food products for hotels and restaurants. In addition to wholesale, he also undergoes the management of convenience stores. In addition, product planning is carried out as a member of the franchise.