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Name Country City Industry Revenue (USD) Headcount Founded year Description
SERVICE AGENCY INTERNATIONAL LTD.SERVICE AGENCY INTERNATIONAL LTD. Myanmar 2019 We carry out international transportation such as customs clearance and import and export of cargo, and the preparation of related documents. In addition to handling freight transportation, it also handles trade related operations such as warehousing.
MYANMAR FINANCE COMPANY LIMITEDMYANMAR FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2012 A company that provides loans for individuals, business owners, and other businesses. It also provides financial guarantees such as real estate secured loans and commercial bill discounts, and provides services such as Internet caching.
ONE THREE FOUR FIVE COMPANY LIMITEDONE THREE FOUR FIVE COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2017 In addition to the construction of public works such as sand control and greening work, we also rent buildings owned by the company. In addition, he manages tourist facilities such as “Sankura Tourism Village”.
BLACK GOLD COMPANY LIMITEDBLACK GOLD COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2018 The company manufactures and processes precious metals and gemstones, as well as the manufacture and sale of textiles and clothing. In addition to renting real estate such as buildings, he also manages restaurants.
NEW STEP SERVICES COMPANY LIMITEDNEW STEP SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2008 We provide employment support for people with disabilities through internal training and group work. It is characterized by providing support for acquiring necessary knowledge and abilities, and introducing work to people with disabilities. In addition, we operate “Sun Cafe”, a group company that supports intellectual disabilities, and conducts seminars and lectures for companies.
NEW BALANCE COMPANY LIMITDENEW BALANCE COMPANY LIMITDE Myanmar 2015 A company that provides financial services such as commercial bill discounts and consumer loans, as well as real estate collateral and mortgages. It is characterized by the ability to connect loans from both individual and corporate customers. Loans for ordinary households are also handled.
KING OF MONEY COMPANY LIMITEDKING OF MONEY COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2013 A company that provides loans for individuals, business owners, and other businesses. It also provides financial guarantees such as real estate secured loans and commercial bill discounts, and provides services such as Internet caching.
ZAR & ZAR FINANCE COMPANY LIMITEDZAR & ZAR FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2013 A company that provides loans for individuals, business owners, and other businesses. It also provides financial guarantees such as real estate secured loans and commercial bill discounts, and provides services such as Internet caching.
SIGNATURE HOLIDAYS TRAVELS & TOURS COMPANY LIMITEDSIGNATURE HOLIDAYS TRAVELS & TOURS COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2013 It is a travel agency that handles domestic bus tours, domestic and overseas package tours, etc. The website also offers reservation services for air tickets and accommodation vouchers, and group travel plans such as employee trips and training trips. Buy best deals on Myanmar Burma tours package with Signature-Holidays Myanmar tour operator. Grab exciting offers on Myanmar holiday packages. You can call us +9595089591 and can enjoy the travel and tour in Myanmar.
PLEASURE MOMENT TRAVELS & TOURS COMPANY LIMITEDPLEASURE MOMENT TRAVELS & TOURS COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2016 The company manufactures and sells baby products such as cribs, strollers, and slides. In addition, he also manufactures, sells, and engages in the manufacture, sale and wholesale of children's toys. Pleasure Moment offers the largest selection of high quality sex toys for men & women! We carry a wide range of top selling brands such as Fun Factory, Tenga...
ROYAL EMPIRE KING COMPANY LIMITEDROYAL EMPIRE KING COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2017 Trade and export of automobiles and automotive parts, as well as export construction equipment and so on. We established Telecommunication Service Company in early 1990s.Then We began to develope our business and now we have become leading Import and Export trading around Asia Countries.We import construction material,motor cars,truck and spare parts.
SMART PRINT COMPANY LIMITEDSMART PRINT COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2017 We are involved in the planning, design and development of computer systems, and support the introduction of cloud services. We also undertake system consulting. In addition, he is also involved in network design and construction. Learn more about Plesk .
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Shanghai Electric Trading Co., Ltd.Shanghai Electric Trading Co., Ltd. Myanmar 2007 Manufactures and wholesales electrical machinery and equipment, and also handles the manufacture and wholesale of electronic components.
Promise International Construction Group Co, LtdPromise International Construction Group Co, Ltd Myanmar 2009 A company that manufactures and sells chemical products for the electronics industry, such as adhesives for printed circuit boards and colorants. We handle a wide range of products, including functional chemicals such as release agents, defoaming agents, and colorants. In addition, we are engaged in contract manufacturing using equipment tailored to customer requirements. ICM is the sole distributor for 7 leading brands in Myanmar – Pidilite Industries (India), Multilac Paints (Sri Lanka), Alfa Facades (India), Alpolic (Japan), CASALI (Italy), EVO AIR (Italy), and CICO Technologies (India).
Established in 1981, Macksons Paints has revolutionized the paint industry in Sri lanka with its unsurpassed quality and the most innovative technology.
The company is engaged in import/marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products and is the sole distributor of 3 leading pharmaceutical companies in Myanmar – Vexxa Ltd. (India), Vitabiotics (UK), and Meyer Organics Ltd. From adhesives, sealants, waterproofing solutions and construction chemicals to arts & crafts, industrial resins, polymers and more.
INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION EXPRESS SERVICES COMPANY LTDINTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION EXPRESS SERVICES COMPANY LTD Myanmar 2000 He is engaged in land transportation and sea transportation. In addition to charter flights for companies and individuals, we also carry out cargo using ferries of partner companies. We also provide services for driving agency and import and export customs clearance.
NICE MERIT COMPANY LIMITEDNICE MERIT COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2019 Mainly engaged in providing information and communication services and dispatching lecturers for lectures and seminars. It also manages the learning school “School IE Otaru”.
SYNOPSIS TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITEDSYNOPSIS TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2013 A company that conducts contract development of systems such as business support and sales support for companies. In addition to the development of artificial intelligence, the company is engaged in research and offshore development of new businesses. In addition, we also undertake the development of applications for smartphones. Synopsis Technology Myanmar provides its customers with powerful, intuitive technology to create systems that improve the engineering challenges of today.
TOTAL LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS COMPANY LIMITEDTOTAL LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2016 A company that provides business improvement proposals and cloud services to improve operations and improve operational efficiency. It also provides services for telecom operators such as cloud PBX services.
BIO-MED DIAGNOSTICS COMPANY LIMITEDBIO-MED DIAGNOSTICS COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2012 A company that conducts health checkups, medical checkups, and pharmaceutical checkups. In addition to health management and medical checkups, we also perform laboratory tests such as biochemical tests and hematological tests, and undertake preventive hygiene guidance. In addition, the company also sells consumables such as moxibustion, sanitation materials, and pharmaceuticals.
ROYAL 74 COMPANY LIMITEDROYAL 74 COMPANY LIMITED Myanmar 2012 It operates and manages the shopping center “Shop Mall Mall” and the business hotel “Business Hotel New Ota”. It has a variety of shops and exhibition facilities such as assorted shops and restaurants. 19th Street Chinatown, Junction Maw Tin Shopping Center and Maha Bandoola Garden are located 350 meters from the hotel.
It lies within 15 minutes' walk of Shwedagon Pagoda and Sule Pagoda.
Royal 74 Hotel is a lovely hotel offering elegant rooms including Superior Twin Room, Standard Single Room and Family Room.