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Name Country City Industry Revenue (USD) Headcount Founded year Description
UNDERGROUND DOWN UNDER LIMITEDUNDERGROUND DOWN UNDER LIMITED New Zealand 2000 It is a company that conducts construction management related to the maintenance and management of sports facilities, parks, and green spaces. We carry out equipment management such as cleaning and inspection, repair work, and renovation of facilities, and environmental conservation management such as pest control. In addition, he also manages facilities such as parks and sports grounds.
WATER ACTIVE LIMITEDWATER ACTIVE LIMITED New Zealand 1M - 5M 2014 Mainly engaged in the sale of mineral water. It also maintains and rents water servers.
HOUSE OF SPIKE LIMITEDHOUSE OF SPIKE LIMITED New Zealand <1M 2018 We work on termite control and prevention and disinfection of houses. It also supports mail order.
FIVE BEARS LIMITEDFIVE BEARS LIMITED New Zealand 1995 It is a company that develops and sells sports equipment for dogs and cats. We handle a wide range of products such as leotards and toys such as pet brushes. Internet sales are also being developed.
FIRE & ELECTRICAL LIMITEDFIRE & ELECTRICAL LIMITED New Zealand <1M 2015 We are engaged in the construction of fire alarms and fire extinguishing equipment, as well as inspection and maintenance of firefighting equipment. In addition, we also undertake disaster prevention equipment construction.
SYSTEM ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS LIMITEDSYSTEM ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS LIMITED New Zealand 1997 It is a company that provides management consulting services such as business management, intellectual property management, and group companies. In addition to providing support for research and development, personnel training, etc., he also manages group companies.
GOLDSMITH PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITEDGOLDSMITH PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED New Zealand 2003 Engage in real estate management, real estate investment consulting, and brand management. It also manages and operates subsidiary companies and invests in real estate.
PROJECTS ON TIME LIMITEDPROJECTS ON TIME LIMITED New Zealand 2012 He is engaged in management consulting, such as providing information on school management. In addition to dispatching lecturers, he also works on the production of educational films and video software.
FOCUS BEVERAGES (NZ) LIMITEDFOCUS BEVERAGES (NZ) LIMITED New Zealand 2012 The company sells and wholesales drinking water and alcoholic beverages.
FLEET IMAGE NZ LIMITEDFLEET IMAGE NZ LIMITED New Zealand 1977 He is involved in photographing identification photos, image processing, printing, and so on. It also supports business trip photography. In addition, the company also sells photographic supplies such as silver mirrors and photo frames, and operates chartered buses.
FAR NORTH CONSTRUCTION LIMITEDFAR NORTH CONSTRUCTION LIMITED New Zealand 1M - 5M 2008 We undertake public civil engineering work such as road construction, water supply and sewerage work, and residential land development work. In addition to exterior construction of condominiums and factories, we also carry out construction work such as warehouses.
EASTSIDE LIMITEDEASTSIDE LIMITED New Zealand <1M 2018 It is a company that conducts civil engineering and architectural work as its main business. It also undergoes public works such as road improvement work, sewerage work, and landscaping work. In addition, he also manages and operates group companies that carry out facility maintenance and building management.
GILMORE LIMITEDGILMORE LIMITED New Zealand 1M - 5M 1995 It is a company that manufactures and sells dental laboratory products such as ceramics, welding, and whitening. In addition, he also works on public civil engineering work such as bridge construction.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS LIMITEDELECTRICAL SYSTEMS LIMITED New Zealand <1M 2018 He is involved in the design and construction of electrical equipment such as government offices and factories. We also undertake maintenance, inspection and repair of electrical equipment. In addition, it also supports communication equipment construction.
INVENTORY SOLUTIONS LIMITEDINVENTORY SOLUTIONS LIMITED New Zealand 2005 In addition to consulting on logistics such as inventory management and delivery efficiency, we also undertake outsourcing such as order processing and warehousing. It also supports transportation of general cargo by truck.
COLLABORATORS LIMITEDCOLLABORATORS LIMITED New Zealand 2012 Holding classes such as welding and laser processing, and art classes such as etching, ceramics, and inkjet printing. He also handles real estate sales and mail order.
SKIN CENTRE DAY STAY SURGERY LIMITEDSKIN CENTRE DAY STAY SURGERY LIMITED New Zealand 2008 It operates “Group Home Oishi” and “Group Home Oishi”. In addition to supporting communal life for those who need to care for dementia, provide assistance with bathing and meals. In addition, he also handles day services.
GAIN LINE CONSULTING LIMITEDGAIN LINE CONSULTING LIMITED New Zealand 1M - 5M 2017 Conduct consulting and IT consulting related to business efficiency. It is characterized by the fact that it operates mainly as a “result solution service” for customers in the IT and distribution industries. In addition, we also provide services for companies such as environmental consulting and human resource consulting.
SEEKS INVESTMENTS 2012 LIMITEDSEEKS INVESTMENTS 2012 LIMITED New Zealand 2012 We invest in real estate, M&A advisory, and business succession. In addition, he also handles real estate investment management, corporate revitalization consulting, and class 1 investment in the management of paid nursing homes.
S.E.A.L SECURITY LIMITEDS.E.A.L SECURITY LIMITED New Zealand 1M - 5M 2015 We provide a “remote monitoring system” to monitor security devices and monitor security devices. He also provides home security services, traffic guidance, and so on. In addition, we will also implement proposals for the construction of security systems.