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Name Country City Industry Revenue (USD) Headcount Founded year Description
INTERNET CAFÉINTERNET CAFÉ Philippines Kiamba Information and communication The company operates “Do Comics Cafe” and restaurants and bars. In addition, it operates a franchised company of “Do Comics Cafe”.
THERMO ENGINEERING SUPPLY CORPORATIONTHERMO ENGINEERING SUPPLY CORPORATION Philippines Pasig Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles 5M - 10M A company engaged in wholesales of air conditioning equipment such as piping, air conditioners, and coolers. The main products are “Eco-Feeler”, which reduces the emission of heat dissipation of air, and “Miracle-Miracle-Feeler”, which is used for removing dust and heat in the air. We provide the engineering community with high quality products and services at the most competitive price.
We are one of the largest, if not THE largest supplier of Refrigerants, Insulations and Copper products in the Philippines.
ASSOCIATION OF NATIONAL GOVERNMENT SECTOR AUDITORS INC.ASSOCIATION OF NATIONAL GOVERNMENT SECTOR AUDITORS INC. Philippines Quezon Administrative and support service activities A company that conducts business such as environmental consulting and group companies. He is also involved in the manufacture of petrochemical products, electronic materials, and software development. We also undertake operations such as internal audits of subsidiaries and quality control.
LAND GROWTH REALTY & DEVT CORPLAND GROWTH REALTY & DEVT CORP Philippines Manila Construction Conduct real estate leasing, real estate sales and real estate development. It can also be used for building and residential land sales and business. In addition to the management of buildings and group companies, he also handles real estate management.
MYJOY TOUR SERVICESMYJOY TOUR SERVICES Philippines Pasig Administrative and support service activities We operate charter buses and sightseeing buses, and respond to requests for travel and transfers. In addition, he also performs a paid job placement business.
KINGS WEALTH PROPERTIES AND VENTURES CORPKINGS WEALTH PROPERTIES AND VENTURES CORP Philippines Manila Real estate activities It is a company that invests in real estate for investment and provides investment advice. We invest in real estate such as condominiums and buildings, and provide investment management services such as management and trading. In addition, he also engages in business development and investment consulting services such as commercialization of new businesses.
1 DIGITAL MEDIA GROUP INC.1 DIGITAL MEDIA GROUP INC. Philippines Pasig Information and communication 1M - 5M He is involved in the production and sale of digital content, as well as copyright management and video processing. It also provides information services using the Internet and corporate media.
J-LINK VENTURES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATIONJ-LINK VENTURES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Philippines Pasig Construction Engage in management consulting, business management, and investment advisory services such as M&A and IPO for small and medium-sized enterprises. He also engages in joint development of new technologies and services, investment in companies, and management of subsidiary companies.
LIGHT SOURCE ELECTRICAL & INDUSTRIAL CORPLIGHT SOURCE ELECTRICAL & INDUSTRIAL CORP Philippines Manila Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles We are mainly engaged in the manufacture of electrical machinery and equipment. In addition, welding is also performed.
IDEAL HOME DESIGN INTERNATIONAL INC.IDEAL HOME DESIGN INTERNATIONAL INC. Philippines Muntinlupa <1M A company that conducts construction and renovation of housing facilities such as system kitchens, baths, washrooms, and toilets. It is characterized by the fact that we consistently handle everything from proposal to design, construction and maintenance. We also sell original kitchen utensils directly from the manufacturer. Ideal Home is a local manufacturer of top quality modular kitchens and other household furnishing products attending to the diverse needs of our customers.
ALLPOINTS TRAVEL SERVICES, INC.ALLPOINTS TRAVEL SERVICES, INC. Philippines Quezon Administrative and support service activities A travel agency that handles planning and arranging domestic and overseas package tours, event tickets, group trips, etc., and also conducts contract sales of package tours. In addition, we are also responsible for the operation of the website. ...the details make the difference!
ADVANCE FORCES SECURITY AND INVESTIGATION SERVICES INCADVANCE FORCES SECURITY AND INVESTIGATION SERVICES INC Philippines Quezon Administrative and support service activities <1M As a security business, we undertake a wide range of services, including personal security, facility security, and traffic guidance. In the cheating investigation, he conducts a cheating survey, a run away survey, and an eavesdropping device probe. We also respond to consultations on stalking measures and bullying.
CONTINUUM TECHNOLOGY CORPORATIONCONTINUUM TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Philippines Quezon Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles 5M - 10M A company that provides marketing support such as IT system introduction, cloud utilization support, and sales support. We also provide training for new employees, marketing seminars, and seminars on cloud utilization. Continuum Technology Corporation only distributes its products through a network of solution providers and resellers. We strictly do not sell directly to end-users and end-customers. Resellers and solution providers receive full support thru direct and indirect marketing, joint client calls, education and product training. Sliderman.js - will do all the sliding for you :)
STATUS MARITIME CORPSTATUS MARITIME CORP Philippines Manila Administrative and support service activities >100M It is a company mainly engaged in the manufacture and repair of ships. In addition to the shipbuilding business, the company also sells new boats and used boats, and leases for long term and short term such as low-temperature vessels. We are also working on maintenance and management of these ships. Status Maritime Corporation is a Liberian registered crewing agency that was established in 1998 in Manila, Philippines with the purpose of providing quality crew for a variety of vessels worldwide.
GRAND HARVARD ADVERTISING AGENCY INCGRAND HARVARD ADVERTISING AGENCY INC Philippines Manila Advertising and market research We conduct marketing research on advertisements and sales promotion. He also produces advertisements for television and radio, newspapers and magazines. In addition, we undertake the production of outdoor advertisements and novelty goods.
NICE TRIP TICKETING AGENTNICE TRIP TICKETING AGENT Philippines Davao Administrative and support service activities As an overseas travel agency, we make reservations for hotels, inns, and pensions. In addition, we provide passport acquisition support and visa acquisition agency.
FOUNDATION FOR AGRICULTURE-RELATED MISSIONS, INC.FOUNDATION FOR AGRICULTURE-RELATED MISSIONS, INC. Philippines Quezon Information and communication Construct an energy-saving house “AgaoligoWheat House” using the super wall construction method. In addition, he is engaged in the wholesale of agricultural materials and the cultivation support of radish and potatoes. In addition, we also undertake consulting on company establishment and agricultural promotion.
LUNA PROPERTY HOLDINGS INCLUNA PROPERTY HOLDINGS INC Philippines Manila Real estate activities It is a company that conducts business management and intellectual property management of group companies. He is also engaged in consulting services such as business revitalization and human resource development. It also manages subsidiaries, and also manages business processes such as group companies.
GLOBE TELECOM, INCGLOBE TELECOM, INC Philippines Pasay Information and communication We are engaged in the development and construction of applications. In addition to operating communication sites such as the LINE Creator, it also operates mobile games such as games for smartphones. Explore the many ways you can live worry-free. Take your pick from a variety of call, text, surf, and app combos.
PERCAST ENTERPRISESPERCAST ENTERPRISES Philippines Pateros A company that designs and constructs plumbing and sanitary equipment work. He also designs and constructs fire extinguishing equipment and ventilation facilities. In the midyear of 1994, our company also engaged and is now involved in small-scaled contracts regarding design, installation and maintenance works for Fire Protection and Plumbing Systems to answer for the growing needs of commercial, industrial and residential construction projects.
On the first three and half (3 1/2) years of operation, the firm engages in the trading of construction materials such as electrical supplies, plumbing, fire protection devices and other construction supplies needed on the day-to-day operation of our clienteles.
PERCAST standing is conceptualized on the belief of “ Customers are always right ” and.